Rosemary Hannon

Rosemary Hannon  is a performer, choreographer and dance teacher with unconditional love for dogs and cheese.  Rosemary has been teaching contact improvisation since 2004 and dance since 1996 in various venues and institutions. Her performance career started in 1982 with San Francisco Ballet Company (The Nutcracker) and continued later with modern and post-modern dance engagement.

From 2002-2007 she danced with Alma Esperanza Cunningham (AEC) Movement in the bay area, at the State Theater in Austin, Texas, for Movement Research at Judson Church, and at the Joyce SoHo in New York City. In 2005 and 2006 she performed improvisation with Scott Wells and Dancers. 2008 her performances included solo and collaborations with Amy Lewis, Cathie Caraker, Rajendra Serber and Vitali Kononov.

In 2009 she performed in “Nocturnal Butterflies” with Avy K Productions at Z Space, “What Men Want” with Scott Wells at CounterPULSE, “Absence of Sequential Thought” with Andrew Wass, “Anatomy Of Presence” with Benno Voorham, Katarina Eriksson, Ray Chung, and Vitali Kononov, “Visible Unseen” with Nita Little and Divisadero Research Company at UC Davis, and “Radar Range” with Karen Schaffman at the Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation. In 2010 she performed in“10 Settlements, 1 City, 1 Afterthought” and The Underscore with Nancy Stark Smith in Berkeley, and “Trolley Dances” and “Matter of Things” with Christine Bonansea in San Francisco.

In 2011-2012 she created and performed in “The Crane & the Crocodile” with Miriam Wolodarski at CounterPULSE, “To Pina” with Nita Little at Kuns Stoff, “No Exit” with Christine Bonansea at The Garage, and at Yuerba Buena at Night in San Francisco with Miriam Wolodarski. In 2013 Rosemary performed improvisations with Katarina Eriksson, Karen Nelson, Ray Chung, and Scott Wells & Dancers. She also performed in Of Limb and Language by Miriam Wolodarski.

Rosemary Hannon – CV

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