nonoScientific discovery of a new life form

The Old World as we know it is about to come to an end. Since the beginning of human history, myths and stories about the end of the world existed in almost every religion and culture. And yet the mystery remained unsolved until today. What couldn’t be found in the¬†Islamic, Hindu, or Buddhist writings as well as the prophecies of¬†Nostradamus, Mother Shipton or Edgar Cayce was recently revealed under the penetrating light of a microscope.

A recent nonoScientific discovery of microorganisms called nonoParticles is the missing link and our fortune ticket to the other side of the Apocalypse. This discovery became a catalyst for an unprecedented debate in the scientific circles and promises to become the most revolutionary paradigm since the String Theory and the discovery of the dance of subatomic particles.

nonoBiologists and nonoPhysicists simultaneously detected the presence of microorganisms called nonoParticles in our human bodies, microorganisms that behave according to the nonoPrinciples. This rapidly self-distributing life form is simply amazing. The nonoParticles use existing cellular structures to re-organize, repair and reintegrate the interconnections within the human body for healing and transcendental purposes. Yet, unlike any other microorganisms they seem to just appear out of nothing. According to the preliminary research nonoParticles emerge in the fluid structures of the body infiltrating every level of body organization. They literally become the body. For the lack of better description WE become nonoBodies.

The good news is that so far there is no negative effects found in this mutation. Human bodies that were detected having nonoParticles infection are continuing to perform not just normal, but are dramatically improving the level of health and happiness.

This is a true sign of a massive mutation that is about to transform the Life. According to nonoStatistical data these mutations had not made it to every single body on Earth, but about to very soon. It is very likely that as you continue to read this you have already mutated or are in the process of mutation.

But … we all want to know more! Where exactly these nonoParticles are coming from? How did they make it the Earth? Are they totally friendly and safe? Are they intelligent creations or some kind of synthetic or cybernetic life form that is controlled by a force/intelligence from outer space? Can we stop or alter the process of mutation? What happens next?

All these and more questions will be answered soon, as we continue to embody our new selves. Stay tuned. Until the next news from the nonoScientific frontiers.