nonoDance project


nonoDance Project is an art project influenced by the conceptual frames of transpersonal postmodernism, accidental minimalism, somatic movement practices and participatory performance art. This website contains articles that might require general common sense and a sense of humor. Please precede with caution.

Mission Statement

The following attempt of a Mission Statement is a psychotic expression of nonoDance Project¬†members’ creative inquiry.¬† It is currently the primary direction of their artistic investigation. It can also be seen as false advertisement, obsessive linguistic masturbation and pseudo-scientific buffoonery. Yet, it is essential and inseparable from their alter-ego.


  • no bizarre, quirky, whimsical or eccentric is less boring than ordinary and conventional
  • no spectacular can beat the ordinary in its significance
  • no demonstrative act is necessary to demonstrate an action; sometimes an absence of action demonstrates necessity
  • no pretended state nor pretended status communicate authenticity, but authentic awkwardness is often pretentious
  • no beauty is essentially beautiful, but ugly is the new glamour
  • no glamorous exist outside of imagination; dreaming is sexy
  • no spiritual is real unless the spirit is embodied
  • no dance movement exist outside of the dancing body, but dancing is not only performing dance moves; this can also be seen as an attempt to respond to Yvonne Rainer’s Manifesto


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