This week themes for nono classes

Improvisational Realms Series:

LAST CLASS in 2009

November 6th: Behind the Camera of My Eyes.

This is a small preview class for 2010 I-Realms series. In the class we will investigate the merging realms of filmmaking and dance. Without using an actual camera, we will explore how filmmaking art might influence our improvisational dance. We will research, share, play and discover our use of eyes, visual image and imagination.

For October 16th: 100% tool for group improvisation.

Last week theme was: Phrazing (part 2): Punctuation.

This time we will dive deep into exploring movement and stillnes as components of our dancing. We will investigate phrazing together with a partner and solo to find timing that allows meaningful movement dialogue.

October 2nd: The Alphabet of Scoring. Initiation (part 2).

We will continuie exploring the tool, that allows us to be articulate and grounded in our movement and dance. Initiating our movement from different points in the body we will investigate relationship between body parts and space. This will create a base for a duet and group interaction. Last week we had fun using ‘Solo/Re-play’ score. This time we will do it again. Drop-ins are welcome.


Previous class on SCORES was 5 weeks ago:

Interior Design. Scores.

We were exploring the tool which helps us make clear and interesting choices in improvisation. We were working with scores.

Each time we enter The Unknown of Improvisation, we need to feel free. And also we need to have something that is solid – a structure, a rule, a score. Without some kind of rule, our task-oriented mind often gets lost in too much openness. Without a structure our improvisation tends to be generic. Having a temporarily set score helps us stay sane and build on the reality. A score that can be broken with fun and passion is the best friend of an improviser.